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Name?: Ross
Age?: 15
Location?: Naperville Illinois
(5-10) Favorite Bands?: Every Time I Die. Fear Before The March Of Flames. Funeral For A Friend. The Bronx. Give Up The Ghost. The Good Life. Bright Eyes. Desperacidos. Dead Poetic. Underoath. The Bled
Favorite Movies?: American History X. Fight Club. Trainspotting.
Favorite Books?: Choke. Lullaby. Nothing Feels Good.
Weird Obsessions?: hellogoodbye.
Favorite Fuckable Celebrity?: oh man. Jude Law. or. Ashlee Simpson.
Why are you a cute loser?: um my friend just told me "cause you can do the stupidest things and still have that cute look on your face. no matter how much of a jackass you are people will still think you're cute"
Random fact about yourself: i was born in scotland. and lived there for 9 years.
Tell us something stupid: i gota ticket for jumping off a bridge. but the ticket wasnt for that. it was for climbing a "park district structure" (the ticket was for 50 bucks. WTF??)


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Image Hosted by figured id share a picture of the inside of my friends nose?
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