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Applicant, yo.

Name?: Jessica

Age?: 18

Location?: Miami, FL

(5-10) Favorite Bands?: The Smiths, Radiohead, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Strokes, The Beatles, French Kicks, Pixies, Sublime, Hot Hot Heat, Jeff Buckley (not a band but he kicks ass so whatevs)

Favorite Movies?: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kill Bill (both volumes), and Noviembre (foreign film from Spain)

Favorite Books?: Pride and Prejudice, every book David Sedaris ever wrote (except for Barrel Fever, that one kinda sucked), every book that Chuck Palahniuk ever wrote, Idiot Girl's Action-Adventure Club, and Middlesex

Weird Obsessions?: counting my mosquito bites( cause i never get just one lol), livejournal icons, and DICTIONARIES mmmm words ::creams panties:: lol sorry that was gross

Favorite Fuckable Celebrity?: ummm Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for The Strokes

Why are you a cute loser?: cause my mom said so :(

Random fact about yourself: people frequently mistake me for a smart person, but im not. i just read. alot. to the point where my 10th grade ENGLISH teacher told me i should lay off the reading a bit. lol

Tell us something stupid: i got three potaters, a bucket full of pelicans, and satan. -retarded animal babies at show and tell :D

^please excuse the retardedness in this picture... get stupid when im sleepy


^me asleep on the monorail at disney in orlando... i can fall asleep anywhere whoop whoop go me im a nacroleptic lol


^me and my best friend leo at prom! my boobs really arent as big as they seem in this picture so therefore i love it. i have mosquito bites for boobs in real life. :\


^just so ya'll can see how very skinny i am... people think im anorexic, but im really not. i eat like a pig, its gross lol


^just to show my full loser-ness. i have retarded fingers, dont i? oh well. thats what i get for playing an instrument for 7 years. meh.


ciao ragazzos!

-jess the mess


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