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oh faa


Name?:AshOley(i added the o)

Age?:14 almost 15

Location?:macomb michigan

(5-10) Favorite Bands?:poison the well,korn,a global threat,otep,sugar comma,from autum to ashes,crucifucks

Favorite Movies?:house of 1000 corpses, 8 crazy nights, dodge ball, thirteen, white chicks, slc punk, fight club

Favorite Books?:the diary of anne frank, hostage, define normal,a child called "it"

Weird Obsessions?:my jones bottle collection, my skateboard, my cat, the mice im getting, making weird faces and sticking out my toung and moving it.

 Favorite Fuckable Celebrity?:humm ashton, bam, ryan shekler and that little boy ryan that is on punked well used to be or w/e

Why are you a cute loser?:becuase i am cute but i am seriosuly a loser haha people in my school like me cuz i am hott but they hate me becuase of the way i dress so i am like a loner typ loser it makes me laugh!

Random fact about yourself:i talk to myslef and i start laughing for no reason. i make weird faces at people or when i am just sitting there bored i make faces and i know they are weird becuase my face feels weird and i start laughing really hard.

Tell us something stupid:my dog is a girl and it humps me. i call her a lesbian. and this girl said i was a slut but she went around kissing almost every guy she saw. and i thought that was pretty stupid and it made me laugh haha!

oh faa here are pics.

this is me being hott. in my super man pose.

this is my being hott for my friend and she took a pic.

this is me being evil for my friend becuase im that cool. that is the cool shirt i made.

that is my b/f when he had short hair and he looks very young in that pic and it makes me laugh!

i know you wanted to see my cat. she is on my lap.

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