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Name?: tracey
Age?: 17
Location?: indiana
(5-10) Favorite Bands?: death cab for cutie, bright eyes, fm-static, blood brothers, HIM, postal service, taking back sunday, tori amos, ani difranco, bjork.
Favorite Movies?: umm.. i like any "generic" horror flick. you know.. like the ones where the blood just looks like red water and the person screams like 2 mins after being killed.
Favorite Books?: the vagina monologues. i read it 3 times yesterday.
Weird Obsessions?: necks, back, and hipbones
Favorite Fuckable Celebrity?: ville valo and angelina jolie
Why are you a cute loser?: i'll do anything to get someone to laugh. like.. the other day i did a "one-person" hoedown for my friend because he was upset. ;o)
Random fact about yourself: i love my messy hair and surprising people
Tell us something stupid: hmm.. well.. when i was about 8 or so, i got my entire left leg stuck in a kitty condo!

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